Lowering Taxes and Ensuring Our Economy Works for Everyone

As a local business leader and entrepreneur who has lived the American dream, Om wants to ensure that everyone in Duluth, Suwanee, and Sugar Hill can do the same and achieve their dreams. Om will fight to lower taxes, including property taxes in Gwinnett County by expanding the homestead exemption. Om supports an additional income tax rebate of at least $500 for every Georgia taxpayer to put money back into your pocket at a time where everyone is the feeling economic pressures from rising prices.

Om will work to reduce red tape that hinders job creation and support our small businesses and entrepreneurs. He will work to pass legislation that will bring quality jobs to Gwinnett that pay good wages and support families.

Protecting Reproductive and Women’s Rights

Georgia Republicans extreme abortion ban and the repeal of Roe v. Wade has put the lives of Georgia women at risk. Rather than working to address Georgia’s poor track record on maternal health, Republicans have pursued laws that criminalize women and doctors and put their lives at risk. Om believes that is not the role of government to interfere in healthcare decisions, including reproductive choice, he will fight to protect women’s rights and ensure everyone has medical and personal freedom.

Affordable Healthcare

Rising healthcare costs and a failure to expand Medicaid have made it harder for Georgians to get access to a doctor and the care they need, especially for our seniors. Om will work to lower prescription drug, healthcare, and insurance costs and expand Medicaid. He will work towards better maternal, mental healthcare, and substance abuse care in Gwinnett and across Georgia. Om will always look for ways to lower costs and expand care.

Supporting Students, Parents, and Our Schools

Gwinnett students, parents, and educators need a partner in state Government that will ensure our schools are fully funded and we have policies and resources in place that ensure every local school is providing a quality education. Om will work to raise teacher pay, empower parents, and will oppose policies that place additional burdens on educators and parents. Om will work to protect the current HOPE Scholarship program for higher education, and expand support for Georgia students to receive an affordable higher education, including college and trade school. Om has been involved for years in helping young people graduate college wants to see every Georgia child have a bright future. Om will also support policies that help families afford childcare.

Protecting Voting and Civil Rights

Republicans have followed the lead of Donald Trump and spread lies and falsehoods about Georgia elections, passing laws that make it harder to vote and make the jobs of our elections workers more difficult. Om will work to make voting transparent and accessible for every eligible voter. Om believes in democracy and wants to protect it from those who want to silence the voices of American voters in order to pursue their extreme, undemocratic agenda.

Om will work to pass strong civil rights, hate crimes, and non-discrimination protections in Georgia, so that everyone can live freely in our state and will not be subject to discrimination in the workplace, in housing, or in our communities.

Strong and Safe Communities

Om believes in strong, safe communities and local control, he will work with local leaders in Gwinnett, Duluth, Suwanee, and Sugar Hill to implement policies that allow our diverse communities to thrive and provide for a great quality of life, rather than placing burdensome mandates on our cities and county. Om will work to raise pay for law enforcement officers and increase funding for public safety and law enforcement to help reduce crime, because everyone deserves to live in a safe neighborhood.

Attainable Housing  

Rising housing costs have made Metro Atlanta and Gwinnett unaffordable for many residents in our community including our seniors and young families. Om has the experience needed to work towards policies at the state level that will lead to more market based solutions to ensure we have housing options that meet the needs of our residents and every family has the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

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