Om Duggal

Om Duggal is Board Member Director at Largest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce at North Metro Atlanta Georgia Duluth, GA, he is also serving on the Sugarloaf CID board.

Om previously served as Chairman of PNB Bearings India Ltd, a major manufacturing plant in Bawal, Haryana, India that was collaborating with Japan before bringing his family to the U.S. in 2001. His initial activities upon arriving in the country involved the Georgia-based development of two properties and a small residential community. Om was also part owner in Clark Construction Services, Inc. based in Evans, GA where he developed two hotels from the ground up.

A vast entrepreneurial experience and geographies empowered Om to create magnificent value for his clients. His life story has inspired to all the lives he has touched & contributed. Born and bought up in New Delhi, India to a middle-class family which values importance of good education & humble upbringing. After finishing his post- graduation in marketing, he founded his own company PNB Bearings in India and then after gaining expertise he moved his base to US in 2001. He along with his wife, three children and old parents started building up their life in new horizon from scratch. Building up life with the responsibility at home wasn’t an easy work but he believed in his knowledge, expertise & never give up spirit. “Magic happens when you don't give up, even when you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart”. - JM Storm.

Om truly believed in working hard & chasing his dreams!

He started his new life in US by working as AIG Insurance agent with a dream in his heart to open his own chain of hotels, 9/11 incident came as a big jolt to the travel industry which delayed his goal but didn’t deter him from moving ahead & finally in 2005, he opened his hotel with unflinching support from his wife Vandana & his son. When his dreams started taking a shape destiny had some other plans for him as due to financial crisis in 2008, he lost Augusta hotel. In quest to find good educational institutes for his daughter and for better work opportunities he moved to Atlanta. His wife took up a job in Wells Fargo Bank while his son also supported actively taking exceptional care of his old grandparents. Juggling between work & demanding family life, sorting out consistent medical care for his old parents along with procuring permanent resident green card Kept OM on his toes for several years!

He is a proud Dad of two beautiful daughters, the elder daughter Tanya graduated with Masters of Pharma Doctorate in Pharmacy & the younger one Natasha is Masters in Psychology Arts and Studying Doctorate in psychology.

Om Duggal is Registered Gwinnett Democrats Party & served in Executive Committee 2021 and will be continuing supporting our Distt-7 Congress Women, he is running for Georgia house in 2022 & once elected he would like to serve & create value. He also plans to develop affordable housing for senior citizens while focusing on medical aid with his heart focused on supporting small business entrepreneurs & immigrants.

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